Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What on Earth is My Purpose in Life?

By Nicolas Baron

You might have often thought "what is my purpose in life"? Don't you? In fact it might have miffed you time and again. Isn't it? But could you discover any answer to your query? All these questions often beleaguer our nerves and stand the test of time. Don't get baffled, relax and review your life, with a vision, entirely differently than ever before. It will help you realize what exactly you have been missing till now! I am sure this query pops up in everyone's mind and soul one day or the other! Have you ever pondered upon why this query? Let me tell you! Because every person has come with a destined purpose in this planet and their inner voice reminds them about it every now and then. That's why this query keeps them jolting frequently.

You need to find the answer to this query of your soul and inner consciousness how to live your life to the fullest. How to do it? There are two types of people in this world - one who are not bothered about the reasons behind their existence in the world and keep leading a reckless and messy life without much ado to finding purpose of life and others who are sensitive enough to come up with repeated brainstorming thoughts to find their exact purpose in life. The persons with later vision turn around their own destiny and simultaneously whirl the entire vicinity around them to set the things right in an endeavor to help people around them finding their life purpose of life of which they were oblivious of till date. Such is the aura of self enlightenment!

But a thousand dollar question that always teases minds of everyone is what this self enlightenment actually is? What I could find during my research and tryst with life till now is, self enlightenment is a unique experience of getting oneself connected to the divine power by way of repeated meditation, self determination and by consistently striving to find one's purpose in life. Again the things came back to what is your life purpose. There is a co-relation between purpose of life and self enlightenment. Self enlightenment provides you a broader vision to organize your life and actions but it never drives you to become missionary and shun away all your worldly and social responsibilities to become a celestial entity. Because even Almighty inspires you to illuminate a sense of self retrospect and find your own way to lead the life with a meaningful meticulous perspective.

This is what I want to explain that the Almighty has blessed us all with a wonderful gift of human life which is most precious and unique possession. Not only has this but it also needed to have some plausible and predefined purpose suiting one's capabilities and inclinations. So, last but not the least there is some reason and destined purpose behind every human life. We need to enlighten ourselves to grill that purpose and edge towards its mission to proclaim our life's fulfillment and worth. If you could do this, you will find all your answers to the query "what is my purpose in life" and this is my mission to help you find the mission of your life.

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